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Two New Hires for the Advancement Team

Sammie Emsick Becker ’05 has accepted the Director of Events position at Mercy High School and began her new role on June 13, 2022.

Since graduating from Mercy, Sammie earned a bachelor in elementary education, a certificate in Catholic School leadership, and most recently, a Master of Science in educational leadership. Outside classroom teaching, she has served as the athletic director for St. James for the past three years where, in conjunction with supervising all things athletics, annually planned the “Spring Fling” fundraiser where dollars raised went straight to the athletic program. Her most recent “Spring Fling” event set a record for money raised for St. James. She further has event planning experience by way of her time at Dundee Bank, where she was the community involvement coordinator and worked closely with various Omaha businesses to promote and grow relationships with key stakeholders of the bank via special events.

She’s married to Tyler Becker and has two boys Ty (12) and Drew (10). 
Welcome back to Mercy Sammie!

Brian Altenhofen began his new position as Director of Marketing and Communications on July 5th.

He comes to Mercy with a wealth of knowledge having earned a doctorate degree in communication and technology studies from Texas A&M University and teaching at Truman State University for the past five years. He also served as the Director of the Truman Leadership Scholars, mentoring and programming leadership experiences for Truman Scholars. Prior to his academic career he spent five years as a Jesuit Scholastic.

He is married to Michaela Cullan Altenhofen who will return to Mary Our Queen Catholic School teaching 3rd grade. They have four children Dylan (16), Lily (9), Dominic (7), and Clara (3). 


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Amaya Sims Earns All-American Honors

July 12, 2022
By Brian Altenhofen

Our very own Amaya Sims was selected as an All-American Cheerleader at the UCA cheerleading camp. All-Americans are the best cheerleaders attending the camp. Once selected they are invited to perform at special events across the country. These events include the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade, VRBO Citrus Bowl, and Walt Disney World.

The Mercy cheerleading squad also earned four blue ribbons and spirit sticks all three nights of the camp. Way to go, ladies! You make our Monarch family proud. 

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Pursuing Passions at Mercy

April 13, 2020
By Deb Daley

Delaney Fisher ’15 has many passions. Since the age of four she played soccer and danced. She continued those activities at Mercy and also discovered another passion, photography, while taking a class there. That passion has turned into a thriving business.  

Her decision to attend Mercy was a natural one. Her older sister, Natalie ’11, is an alumna. Delaney grew up hearing about all the school’s special moments and traditions.

“I could not wait to make my own memories at Mercy,” she said.

To say Delaney was active in sports during high school might be an understatement. Even before school started, her first activity at Mercy was summer conditioning. She kept in great shape and had an opportunity to meet her fellow students before school started. Because freshmen could not be on the dance team, she tried out for cheerleading and made the junior varsity squad.  

“Cheer gave me a lot of confidence and a great work ethic. I had to be prepared not only for tryouts but for pep rallies and eventually while performing at games,” she said. 

She also tried out for soccer her freshmen year. Delaney was a junior varsity soccer player from freshmen to junior year and then made the Varsity Soccer Team during her senior year.  

“Soccer holds some of my favorite memories at Mercy. One of them was the Skutt Tournament my sophomore year on Junior Varsity. The game ended up in a shoot-out against Skutt. I remember our team holding hands on the sideline saying a prayer after each shot. Our amazing goalie, Nina Theiler ‘15, blocked every single one from Skutt. We stormed the field cheering, filled with pure joy that our hard work paid off with a win,” she said.  

Her other favorite soccer memory was going to state in 2015. 

“The love and support we received from our families, the school and the other athletes at Mercy was incredible. Our student section was always filled and cheering at the top of their lungs, even the teachers. To have that experience, win or lose, as a team but also as a school, was a perfect end to my senior year,” she said.  

Delaney also pursued another passion during her sophomore year: dance.

“I decided to do dance instead of continuing with cheer, which was a difficult decision. Dance team definitely brought me out of my comfort zone even more. I got to try choreographing for the first time with my lifelong friend and teammate, Allie Barnhart ‘15. To be given that chance by our coach, Miss Howe (now Mrs. Burkey), reinforced my work ethic as an athlete and my ability as a leader. Those abilities stayed with me for years to come. I was also nominated for junior captain the next year and eventually became a captain my senior year,” she said.  

She also took a photography class at Mercy and found the passion she is pursuing today, photography. Delaney joined the yearbook staff her senior year.  She also began taking pictures of seniors, engagements, events and weddings. Delaney credits Mercy with giving her the confidence to take chances, to fail and get back up, to not take time for granted and to enjoy the little things.

After graduating from Mercy, she attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha, graduating in 2019 with a major in Graphic Design and a minor in Art History.

As she is building her photography business, she does free-lance design, bartends and nannies.  

“Keeping busy with all these endeavors has kept me active and used to scheduling.  It also has given me free time to pursue photography,” she said.

Mercy has benefitted from her photography skills at FIESTA for the last few years as she has attended the school’s major fundraiser with her family and taken pictures. She also has taken numerous senior portraits.

“What I would say to others to help motivate them to get involved with Mercy is to just give back.  It sounds simple because it is simple.  When you give, good things happen,” she said. 

Photo by Delaney Fisher.

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