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Name Title
Adams, Kate English/Speech/Theology
Alt, Shannon AP Calculus/Algebra II/Trigonometry
Beran, Paul Chemistry/Physics
Butts, Katy Director of Events
Carson, Cara
Chambers, Naomi Database Coordinator
Coyle, Mary English/Journalism
Daley, Deborah Communications Director
Davis, Katie World Languages/ESL Coordinator
Driml, Nate Vice President of Advancement
Driml-Powers, Josah Guidance Counselor
Gonderinger, Christine Algebra I/Honors Algebra II
Graff, Mindy Choral Music/Guitar
Hahn, Maria Algebra/Honors Pre-Calculus
Hannon, Sister Delores President
Harre, Ruth Office Manager
Humphreys, Brooks Government/AP US History/AP Government/AP World History
Jensen, Erik Spanish
Jones, Kathy Executive Assistant
Kessler, Cathy Honors English/Creative Writing
Kilpatrick, Katie Dance & Health
Klein, Amy Academic Success Coordinator/English
Langenfeld, Jane Art Teacher
Maddigan, Sean Theology
Madej, Ray Maintenence
Marcuccio, Amanda English/AP English Language/AP English Literature
McCoy, Holly Assistant Principal for Student Life
McGill, Anne Director of Admissions
Miller, Ashley Campus Ministry
Modrell, Kevin Athletic Director
Morrison, Mary Health/P.E.
Mousel, Cathy P.E./Strength Training
Newville, Heather Biology/Anatomy/AP Biology
O'Rourke, Jeanne Spiritual Companion
Parr, Roz Alumnae/Annual Appeals
Powers, Laura Guidance Counselor
Randone, Jamie Executive Secretary
Regele, Melissa Theology
Rhoads, Rebecca French
Riesberg, Joshua World History/Sociology
Rosenthal, Chris Biology/Integrated Science
Rouse, Jon
Sass, Allison Athletic Trainer
Stanley, Anne Spanish
Stara, Scott Geometry/Honors Geometry
Tschudin, Paul Technology
Umstead, Lori Media Specialist
Vankat, Julie Theology
von Kampen, Joshua Theatre/Public Speaking
Wessling, Kristi Principal