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Who is a Woman of Mercy?

She’s strong. She’s compassionate. She knows how to get things done. Founded by women for women, Mercy empowers students to lead, to learn and to support each other in whatever paths they choose. Read on to learn why Mercy is the perfect place for you to shine and reach your full potential.

All Girls. All Empowering.

It’s a fact and research proves it. Girls are more likely to thrive in a learning environment that offers high levels of positive reinforcement, support and cooperation. 

Graduates of an all-girls school are confident, competent and accomplished. National studies conclude that students who attend an all-girls school:
     •    Enjoy high academic performance
     •    Perform better in math and science classes
     •    Acquire more leadership skills and experience
     •    Possess more self-confidence and self-esteem
     •    Increase verbal skills
     •    Attend graduate and post-graduate schools in greater numbers
     •    Witness more female leadership role models
     •    Interact more with faculty
     •    Participate more fully within and beyond the classroom
     •    Possess greater academic and personal satisfaction than their co-ed counterparts

 “I loved going to an all-girls school because it maked me feel 100% confident in myself, especially in the classroom.  I was also encouraged to get involved more in extracurricular activities and had so many leadership opportunities.” - Samantha '21

Mercy by the Numbers

Our graduates attend top-notch colleges, earning millions of dollars in scholarships. They are prepared with critical and creative thinking skills, and they are able to recognize their own talents and abilities. Our school is recognized for its academic excellence and college-prep curriculum. With Mercy being the optimum size, students are given a wide array of leadership, academic, artistic and athletic opportunities. Our faculty-to-student ratio offers customized and differentiated learning for our girls.  All the while, students learn to give back by providing service to the community. 

The numbers speak for themselves:
• The Class of '23 earned $12.4 million in college scholarships.
• Mercy hosts 40 sports, clubs and student organizations.
• Mercy offers 17 Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses.
40% of juniors and seniors are enrolled in AP courses.
65% of juniors and 60% of seniors are taking at least one AP or Dual Enrollment course.
• Only Omaha school that offers 100% of Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors free ACT prep from OnToCollege with John Baylor.
• Our students perform over 6,000 service hours annually.

Welcome to All

The diversity of our student body reflects our mission of providing a faith-based, college-prep education to those who desire it. With representation from every zip code, every parish and a variety of income levels and ethnicities, our students learn that the best ideas come from different perspectives.

“The first time I shadowed at Mercy, I felt so at home and I loved it. All the girls were so welcoming and friendly. It showed me what it really meant to be a Mercy Girl.”Sabrina ’20

Mercy believes these educational opportunities should be available to all deserving students. As a result, we provide the most tuition assistance per student than any other Omaha area high school. 

We expand access to quality education with our Negotiated Tuition Program that evaluates a family’s unique financial needs. Over 82% of our families benefit from the program, and $1.99 million in tuition assistance was distributed in 2022-2023.


College preparatory curriculum taught by passionate teachers.

Student Life

Learn what it’s like to experience Mercy traditions, learn in a digital environment and be part of a welcoming community.