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Affordable Catholic Education

Thank you for choosing Mercy High School.  We understand that Catholic education requires a financial commitment for every family.  If your daughter wants to attend Mercy, we will work to make it affordable through our Negotiated Tuition Program.  We empower young women to achieve their full potential in a diverse, supportive and academic-centered community. The current school year tuition and fees are:

Tuition: $13,985
In addition to tuition, every student pays the following fees:
Registration Fee: $350
Activity Fee: $450
Graduation Fee: $300, Senior students only

Every family is required to complete the 15 minute FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment by March 31, 2024.

Tuition Conferences

Most incoming freshman conferences will be held in March. Returning families will receive tuition agreements via email from the President in April. If you are a returning family and applying for financial aid, you have the choice to mail in your tuition agreement or schedule a negotiated tuition conference, whichever you prefer. 

Tuition Assistance

82% of Mercy families receive financial assistance.