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Virtual Tour

The Mercy Student Ambassadors are so excited to tell you more about Mercy High School. Check out the videos below to find out more about different topics at Mercy and what Mercy Girls love best about their school!

Tips for Your High School Search

As your daughter prepares to find the right high school, she'll look to you for guidance. The goal is to have your daughter find a school that's a perfect fit. Here's our suggestions on how you can get to know Mercy:

  • Shadow: Have your daughter shadow at any high school that she is interested in attending.  At Mercy, we recommend that students shadow first in 7th grade, and then shadow again in 8th grade.  This is especially helpful if she is debating between schools.  Shadowing is the best way for a student to determine where she feels most comfortable.
  • Be open to new friends: Encourage your daughter to expand her search to high schools that her friends may not be attending. While she may be tempted to follow her friends, your daughter will have an opportunity to make new friends wherever she goes to high school.
  • Open Houses: All the Catholic high schools in Omaha have their Open Houses on Sundays in November.  At Mercy's Open House, you will get to tour the building, meet the faculty, staff and administration, and attend presentations regarding tuition, college-prep curriculums, activities, and more.  
  • Take a tour: Visit the school while classes are in session so you can see the students and faculty in action.  Mercy offers Lunch & Learn sessions in the fall for parents to attend.
  • Gain perspective: Visit with current students of the high school and their parents to ask them about their experiences.  Ask how they chose their high school and what they like most about it.
  • Do your research: Check out school websites to learn about student life including classes, activities, athletics, clubs, fine arts, and faith & service opportunities.  

Read why current parents chose Mercy for their daughter:

“We have two daughters at Mercy, a senior and a freshman.  While our younger daughter never wavered from Mercy, our oldest decided late to attend and we couldn’t be happier.  She has grown so much in years there.  It is evident in the confidence and inner strength that she has developed, not to mention how great the staff is and how much work they put into the girls' education.  We know she will be ready for college and that next big step toward her future.  We are excited for our freshman to experience Mercy that way and become the young lady we know she can be.  We love Mercy and are very blessed that it is a part of our daughters' and our lives”.

"Mercy High School has given our two daughters the opportunity to form friendships with other girls from all over the Omaha area from different ethnic and social backgrounds. Mercy is full of traditions that have been passed down for many years that many alumnae still hold close to their hearts. Mercy has truly shaped our daughters into Women of Mercy. They have grown academically, socially, emotionally, but most importantly in their faith.​"

"When deciding where our oldest daughter was going to attend high school, we talked to a number of parents who had daughters at Mercy and those parents all shared the same opinion: that Mercy was one of the best decisions they had made. The academics, the community, the mission are all things the Mercy excels at. We could not be happier with our decision to send our daughter there.  We feel blessed to be on this journey and are excited to send our other daughters to join Mercy and this tradition."

"From the moment our daughter shadowed at Mercy, she instantly fell in love with the community here and felt as though she were 'home' - a place where she would be welcomed, nurtured, and celebrated. That first impression kept its promise, and as a sophomore now, she has flourished at Mercy academically, socially, and spiritually. Mercy has truly been a gift to our family, and we are excited to continue to see its impact on our daughter as she spreads her wings in subsequent years here and later as she soars into the next chapter of her life."

"We couldn’t be happier with our Mercy High School experience.  Mercy embraces each student, allows her to be herself and grow into such a strong and well-rounded person.  Mercy has something for everyone.  Regardless of what school you attended before, the Mercy community welcomes each and every girl.  It truly is such an amazing community where the girls and staff support each other and want the best for everyone."

Preparing for High School

As you prepare to enter Mercy, here are some important things to consider that are frequently asked about by incoming students and parents:

  • Technology: Mercy High School’s incoming freshmen will be required to have an iPad in their possession when the school year begins. We recommend incoming students purchase a new iPad (Generation 10) as this device is intended to last all of her four years at Mercy. Additional information and purchasing options for eligible iPads, Apple Pencils, and cases.  
  • Carpools: Mercy students come from all over Omaha and surrounding areas.  We are happy to provide information of students that live near you to help with transportation.
  • Uniforms: All Mercy students wear the plaid uniform skirt and blue or gray Mercy polo.  Uniforms can be purchased at DiGiorgio's Sportswear.  Used uniforms may be purchased from the main office, but the supply is very limited.
  • Academics: Mercy offers eight classes every day.  Student can expect to have 1.5-2 hours of homework a day.  Check out what classes you can take.
  • Getting Involved: Students have a myriad of opportunities to get involved outside of the classroom.  From athletics, clubs, fine arts and service opportunities, you will find your place to belong at Mercy!
  • Books: Mercy students purchase their textbooks and e-books from MBS Direct or other vendors
  • School Day: School begins at 7:40 am most days and ends at 3:00 pm.  Clubs meet from 3:00-3:30 pm and practices for athletics and theatre start after 3:45 pm.
  • Lunch: Mercy offers catered lunch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for $6.  Students can bring lunch from home and are welcome to use our vending machines and microwaves in the dining hall.


Why Mercy

See why Mercy is the perfect place for young women to reach their full potential.