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Discover the Excellence of Mercy High School!


Are you considering transferring schools and looking for a place that truly understands the value of community and education? Mercy High School is what you're looking for! We welcome girls who are eager to join our vibrant and supportive community.


Why Mercy High School?
  • Outstanding Academics: Our rigorous curriculum and dedicated faculty ensure that students receive a top-notch education that prepares them for what is beyond our classrooms. 
  • Strong Community: At Mercy, we pride ourselves on our inclusive and nurturing environment. Here, every girl is valued and encouraged to reach their full potential.
  • Faith-Based Education: We integrate faith and values into our daily life, helping students grow both academically and spiritually.
  • Extracurricular Excellence: From athletics to arts, Mercy offers a wide range of extracurricular activities that cater to diverse interests and talents.

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Join Us Today!

If you’re interested in transferring to Mercy High School, we would love to welcome you to our family. Learn more about our transfer process, meet our staff, and experience the Mercy difference.

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Contact Us:

For more information on how to transfer to Mercy High School, please contact our Admissions Director, Sammi Marousek, or call our admissions office at 402.553.0394.