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No other school our size has the blend of academics, diversity, athletics, activities, and spiritual tradition in a welcoming environment, which ensures that every student's voice is heard, and each student excels every day.

Founded by the Sisters of Mercy, the campus resonates with spirit.  Passionate teachers encourage student involvement with personalized attention and an innovative curriculum that integrates knowledge with critical thinking and practical skill development.  At Mercy, students will be challenged to be their best selves.

Mercy offers a college-preparatory curriculum that ensures success after graduation.  Educational plans are customized to ensure each student's success in all aspects of their academic growth.  

Mercy graduates attend top-tier colleges throughout the country, they are honored with more that $6.1 million in scholarships annually, and they report being better prepared to face the challenges of college than their peers. 

It's a fact--girls are more likely to thrive in a learning environment that offers high levels of positive reinforcement, support and cooperation.  Research shows that graduates of all girls-schools are confident, satisfied and accomplished.

Here we prepare Mercy girls to share their gifts of faith, knowledge and service locally and abroad.  Students are challenged to expand their faith through studies, relationships with others, and a myriad of service opportunities.  All of our service learning helps Mercy Girls become Women of Mercy.  They are ready to embrace the challenges of the future from a strong moral and intellectual foundation.

At Mercy, students find where they belong and discover their gifts and talents.  With clubs and athletics representing an array of activities, Mercy girls have the opportunity to participate in anything they are interested in from academics, to fine arts, to campus ministry or student organizations.

First in bringing Catholic education to Omaha.  First in Financial Aid.  We believe that a quality, faith-based education should be available to any girl who desires it.  In that spirit, we created a Negotiated Tuition program that provides an individualized covenant between Mercy and each family, respecting family unique needs and income.  Over 82% of our families benefit from the program and annually, $1.8 million in tuition assistance is distributed.  In fact, Mercy provides more financial assistance, per student, than any other high school in the Omaha area.