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April 26, 2017
By Deb Daley

Donors have asked for an easy way to plan their donations to Mercy High School. Instead of waiting for our annual Phonathon appeal letters, they would prefer to add a line in their monthly budget for a gift to Mercy—right next to that car payment that most of us have.

In response to this request, we created a new monthly giving club: Mercy x12, or Mx12 for short. And it’s a simple 1-2 step process—

Simply decide how much you want to give each month;

Let the automated system do the work for you.

Just think what the following amounts fund:

$10 per month = 2 days of tuition for a student

$25 per month = one full week of tuition.

The benefits of Mx12 are that you have full control of your giving to Mercy, Mercy receives a steady, predicable stream of donations in support of the Negotiated Tuition Program, and our Mercy Girls get the opportunity of a Mercy Education.