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Why Give? 

Mercy graduates are compassionate, caring, and educated women who become an integral part of our communities. Every year, approximately 98% of our students go on to post-secondary education, earning millions of dollars in academic scholarships. In fact, roughly 11% of these Mercy graduates become first-generation college students. These confident Women of Mercy develop careers and relationships that serve their families, their work, and their communities.

At its core, Mercy High School exists to provide a college preparatory education for every girl who desires it regardless of her family’s financial circumstances. This means our doors are open to every girl who wants to enter, and our student body reflects the socio-economic diversity of Omaha. It also means that tuition revenue only covers 55% of our operating budget. Your support is critical to our students.

You Make Mercy Possible

Because of you, Mercy can continue its legacy of providing a quality, faith-based education to any student who desires it. Mercy distributes $1.6 million annually to 82% of our students, a figure that eclipses support given by other private, college-prep schools in the area. But only a third of this support comes from our endowment. This is why you are so important. Your donations make up the $1 million shortfall that tuition doesn't cover.

There are many ways to support Mercy. Whether you choose to give to our Annual Fund, endowment, event sponsorships, capital campaigns, or through a planned gift, you make Mercy possible.