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My name is Katy Butts and I am the Alumnae Relations Director & Events Manager at Mercy High School.  I am honored to hold this position and to be able to work with alumnae, students, donors and parents.  As a 2003 alumna, I highly value the education and experience that I had at Mercy and love to share my story with others.  I treasure being able to help further the mission of Mercy and engage with Mercy Women in all walks of life.

Mercy has a thriving network of alumnae and a fantastic Alumnae Council. It is a pleasure to work with them, Mercy students, friends, and the community on the many wonderful events Mercy puts on each year.  They include Mercy’s annual dinner and auction fundraiser, FIESTA, as well as the Driving for Excellence Golf Fest, All-School Reunion, Memorial Mass, Alumnae Appreciation Events and much more. I am excited to celebrate each of these events with you!

I am always working to connect with more alumnae and bring them back to Mercy High School.  We have more than 6,300 alumnae registered with us and living across the world! We love to hear where you are currently living and what you are doing. I encourage you to share the impact you have made in the world with the rest of our Mercy community. Mercy sends out a monthly alumnae e-newsletter and a quarterly, printed Mercian that features articles about these updates and news from the school. Please keep in touch with us and come and see us at one of our many alumnae events throughout the year!

If you have changes in your address, phone number, email address, have recently changed your name, made additions to your family or have stories to share, please email or call me at (402)553-9424.

Visit our website for updates, follow us on Facebook and keep up with us on Twitter.

Please stop by! If you are ever in the neighborhood I would love to meet you, hear your story and show you our amazing school!

Sincerely, Katy Butts ‘03
Alumnae Relations Director & Events Manager