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You Are Never Alone

March 30, 2020
By Sr. Johanna Burnell

You are never alone.

It is early Saturday afternoon.  The sun is shining!  Our community has determined, rightly so, that we should remain inside, avoid all but absolutely essential errands, and practice social distancing.  Many of the days these past two weeks have been so overcast that I haven’t been tempted to go out.   People, friends, relatives, and teachers have been so generous in checking up on us that we truly want for nothing!  Additionally, we have been able to stay more actively in touch with those for whom we are praying.

The atmosphere is heavy with the weight of people being out of work, of businesses closed, of people in quarantine in their own homes, of political blaming banter, and of so many people dying.  And it is global! 

Our hearts ache for families who are suffering financially.  We pray for families who have members hospitalized with COVID-19.  Our Mercy seniors, and seniors everywhere, are facing the possibility of never seeing their classes as a whole again; no prom; no year-end retreat; no farewell day; no graduation!  How can this be happening?

Maybe the gloomy weather is just a reflection of the experiences so many human beings are undergoing right now—this very minute, this day, in this immediate lifetime.  Even as the grass is trying to green, it just thundered!!  The sun has gone into hiding—and the sky is grey again!

I am alone in my room as I write to you.  But am I really alone?  I know that our Triune God—the Father (our Creator), the Son (Jesus our Redeemer), and the Holy Spirit (our Sanctifier)—is right here, one with me.  I know that the God who designed this planet to be home of us human beings will guide “us” to a new solution to this medical mystery of COVID-19.  I know that thousands of people are suffering with the effects of the coronavirus; I also know those sufferings are embraced and endured by our friend and companion, Jesus.  Most of all, I know that the power of the Holy Spirit will guide each of us on the path we have chosen to image for others the love of our God for each and every one of us. 

So I am not alone.  And, neither are you.  My prayer for each of you is this global challenge, so personally touching each of our lives in such unique and individual ways, will lead us closer to our magnificent God, who cares so much for us that we are constantly surrounded by the loving-kindness of our Maker, our Savior and our closest Friend.  

Let us pray for one another.