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Students Recognized for ACT Scores

November 30, 2020
By Deb Daley

Mercy High School is continuing its tradition of recognizing and celebrating ACT achievements by inducting students into special ACT academic clubs. They are the 30+ Club (for girls with a 30 or above on the ACT) and the 3 Point Jump Club (for girls who increased their ACT score by three or more points).  On November 30 and December 1 eight students were inducted into the clubs, via a Zoom Presentation, with one student being honored in both clubs. Additional recognitions will take place throughout the year as other students meet the criteria. 

Mercy students are: 

3 Point Jump                           30+ Club    
Samantha Burns                   Samantha Burns    
Clare Euteneuer                    Sophia Mace    
Carlee Lee                              Abby Wessling    
Irene Lee                                Maisie Wieser    
Erin Schartz            
“We created these clubs as a way to create a culture shift at the school.  Mercy wants to shine a light on these achievements to show our younger students the importance of doing well and what an honor it is to do well,” said Laura Powers, School Counselor. 

Mercy is the only high school in the Omaha area that offers ACT preparation during all four years of high school free-of-charge through OnToCollege with John Baylor. This program has been made possible through a generous donation from American National Bank. 

Two students this year increased their ACT scores by four points.  They were Samantha (Sam)  Burns and Carlee Lee. Both girls took the test multiple times but had to adjust test timelines because of COVID-19 cancellations.  

“ OnToCollege taught me what was and wasn’t important to spend time during ACT. The practice tests were great,” said Sam.  Carlee added, “I believe without OnToCollege prep, my score would not be where it is today.”

The students recognize how important the scores are in applying to colleges and are grateful that Mercy is celebrating and honoring their hard work.  Both are in the midst of the college selection process. 

“I knew that jumping four points meant that I’d be eligible for more scholarships which is a huge piece of the college process for me,” said Sam. 

“It is such a fulfilling honor to receive and I’m so fortunate to be able to celebrate it with my loving family at Mercy,” said Carlee.

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