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A Reflection from Sr. Delores

March 16, 2020
By Sr. Delores Hannon

Dear Friends of Mercy,

This Sunday morning, I am praying for all of you. We are all experiencing a week of rapid changes, a roller coaster market, concerns for health, for …. we don’t know what. Please remember that you are the people (depending on your age) who have lived through Y2K, the tragedy of September 11, the floods of 2019, and personal tragedies; we will be the people who LIVE through “the virus”.  It is okay to be uneasy. You’re being in touch with reality.

Here are a few tips I am using to LIVE through these days:

Pray: Every day I start with the Catherine McAuley’s Suscipe. I do find myself focusing on the line “take from my heart all painful anxiety.” It helps me to remember our God is with us, and it helps me create the space to quiet myself and be centered on our loving God. Find that prayer time and space for yourself please.

Find beauty or something that makes you smile: Take a moment to find beauty in the day. It may be the smile of another person, artwork, or a piece of music. You know where you find beauty.  Also, find that something that makes you smile or laugh. Around my house we have a dachshund. When he comes galloping into a room I have to smile, actually I laugh. 

Others: You have the power to make other people's lives better right now. We can reach out to people who are shut in—drop a note, call or, in this day and age, Facetime them. Or do something radical like thank the clerk in the grocery store. It is worth the look of surprise on their face. You know what you good you can do.

Thank you for taking a moment to read this note. You are important to me. Please remember take care of yourself, remember all those you love and who love you, be adaptable and pray all of us. 

Affectionately yours,

Sr. Dee