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Two New Hires for the Advancement Team

Sammie Emsick Becker ’05 has accepted the Director of Events position at Mercy High School and began her new role on June 13, 2022.

Since graduating from Mercy, Sammie earned a bachelor in elementary education, a certificate in Catholic School leadership, and most recently, a Master of Science in educational leadership. Outside classroom teaching, she has served as the athletic director for St. James for the past three years where, in conjunction with supervising all things athletics, annually planned the “Spring Fling” fundraiser where dollars raised went straight to the athletic program. Her most recent “Spring Fling” event set a record for money raised for St. James. She further has event planning experience by way of her time at Dundee Bank, where she was the community involvement coordinator and worked closely with various Omaha businesses to promote and grow relationships with key stakeholders of the bank via special events.

She’s married to Tyler Becker and has two boys Ty (12) and Drew (10). 
Welcome back to Mercy Sammie!

Brian Altenhofen began his new position as Director of Marketing and Communications on July 5th.

He comes to Mercy with a wealth of knowledge having earned a doctorate degree in communication and technology studies from Texas A&M University and teaching at Truman State University for the past five years. He also served as the Director of the Truman Leadership Scholars, mentoring and programming leadership experiences for Truman Scholars. Prior to his academic career he spent five years as a Jesuit Scholastic.

He is married to Michaela Cullan Altenhofen who will return to Mary Our Queen Catholic School teaching 3rd grade. They have four children Dylan (16), Lily (9), Dominic (7), and Clara (3). 



Meet Our National Merit Semi-Finalists

September 16, 2021
By Roz Parr '09

Abby Wessling '22 and Maisie Wieser '22 were named National Merit Semi-Finalists on September 15, 2021. 

National Merit Semi-Finalists qualify based on their PSAT scores. Approximately 16,000 students of the top 50,000 high scorers on the PSAT are notified that they have qualified as Semi-Finalists.

The whole school celebrated their accomplishments with this special announcement. 

Let's learn a little more about these outstanding students.

Maisie (left) & Abby (right)

Abby Wessling: 

What is your intended major/future plan? 

I don’t know for sure what I’m planning on doing or where I’m planning on going to college. I’m thinking on doing engineering of some form. I’m looking at biomedical engineering, specifically 3D bioprinting human tissues. I’m also looking at chemical engineering because I’ve really enjoyed my chemistry classes at Mercy. 

Where are you considering for college?

I’m looking at Missouri University of Science and Technology, University of Oklahoma, Johns Hopkins, Iowa State University, MIT, Purdue University, Case Western Reserve University, Carnegie Mellon, Columbia University, and University of Nebraska - Lincoln. 

What is your favorite thing about being a Mercy student?

There are so many. I love getting to play volleyball and eat Fazoli’s on Fridays. I think all of our traditions make Mercy very special to me. I love the surprise of PA and the energy at Masses. I have loved working on Mercy Day. I think my favorite thing about Mercy is how involved the students are in everything the school does. 

What is your favorite Mercy memory?

In general, I loved my classes at Mercy. I will always remember Mr. Beran’s chemistry classes being so fun and Mr. Humphreys’s little bits of information that he would impart upon us. Having my mom teach my AP Computer Science class has been an experience that I never thought I would have, but it’s been fun. I will always be especially grateful for the excellent math education I received at Mercy. I have loved my math classes through the years, even when I was stressed about my Calculus tests, I loved the feeling of being challenged to push myself to succeed.  


Maisie Wieser: 

What is your intended major/future plan? 

Right now I would really like to go into film because it combines a lot of my passions which include theatre, creative writing, and photography. I also have other interests though, so I look forward to college being a time when I can figure out what my calling is in life. Some of my other interests include astrophysics, political science, journalism, and psychology. 

Where are you considering for college?

I am looking at Columbia University, UCLA, NYU, USC, Emerson College, MIT, Loyola Chicago, Columbia Chicago, and the University of Iowa. It’s quite a few, but I am not quite certain about what I want out of my college experience yet. 

What is your favorite thing about being a Mercy student?

I have a lot of favorite things, but I especially love our traditions. It’s wonderful to feel surrounded by the Mercy community and our history during them. Just these past few months, it has been so fun and fulfilling to be a Mercy Day director. Mercy Day has been one of my favorite traditions since I was a freshman, so it is humbling to be able to bring my own take on Mercy Day to life. This day is so, so special to me because I love going Mercy, and I am incredibly grateful for the Sisters of Mercy for the opportunity to do so. 

What is your favorite Mercy memory?

My favorite Mercy memory is performing on dance team during the varsity volleyball and basketball games. It’s exhilarating to do something I love in front of my Mercy community with them cheering me on. I also have a lot of fond memories from my AP Calculus class because I felt truly challenged, and it was so rewarding to see my hard pay off for which I have Ms. Gonderinger to thank. My English classes have been really fun as well, and I have loved seeing my writing skills grow since freshman year.  

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