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National History Day

February 28, 2019
By Deb Daley

Mercy High School participated in the annual National History Day competition for Douglas County, along with several other high schools in the metro area, on February 27.  Held at The Durham Museum, 34 girls attended the event. 
The Mercy students who earned a top spot in each category are listed below.  The top four qualifiers in each section are now eligible for the state competition on April 6.  The teacher/sponsor was History Teacher Brooks Humphreys.

Senior Individual Performance
2nd Place- Anna Youell 
Christianity’s Wars

Senior Group Documentary 
3rd Place- Cree Howard, Cecilia Martinez, and Alexis Hernandez
Refugee Immigration
2nd Place- Abigail O’Connor, Sabrina DeGeorge, Caici Barnhart, and Carina Muse
Salem Witch Trials

Senior Individual Exhibit
3rd Place- Erin Epp
Tuskegee Institute Syphilis Experiment 

1st Place- Carolyn Hire
The Battle of Alesia 
Senior Group Exhibit
4th Place- Charlotte Kimsey and Baylin Davis
Japanese Brutality Against the Chinese in WWII
3rd Place- Clare Euteneuer and Elizabeth Walsh 
Smallpox Vaccination 
2nd Place- Carolyn Klein and Carlee Lee
The Great Fire of London 

1st Place- Bridget Koley and Megan Streff 
The Price of Being Poor in Victorian England 

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