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National History Day Winners 

March 09, 2020
By Brooks Humphreys

Mercy High School took home 13 prizes in the 2020 Douglas County National History Day competition at Metro Community College’s South Omaha campus on March 6.  Mercy swept all four places in both the group exhibit and individual exhibit categories.  Our students also earned ribbons in group documentary, individual documentary, group live performance and historical paper.  Here is a list of the winners:

Senior Group Exhibit

1st Place    Ellee Houghtaling and Samantha Burns, “The Little Rock Nine”
2nd Place    McKenzie Moore and Clare Euteneuer, “The Breakthrough of Fingerprinting”
3rd Place    Karina Rief and Josie Pellerito, “Can You Still Hear the Bird?”
4th Place    Lilee Surdell and Marielle McDonald, “Period. End of Story”

Senior Individual Exhibit

1st Place    Baylin Davis, “Making Waves: The Woman Who Ran the Boston Marathon”
2nd Place    Bridget Koley, “Jazz: Breaking Racial and Musical Barriers”
3rd Place    Carolyn Hire, “Breaking Barriers in Omaha: The Omaha Star”
4th Place    Makayla Kennedy, “Dissections by da Vinci”

Senior Group Documentary

1st Place    Maysa McCormick and Josie Browning, “First Impressions: The Type of Story 
You Wouldn’t Expect” about the invention of the printing press
2nd Place    Grace Larson and Dani Stolze, “Momentous Memes”

Senior Individual Documentary

1st Place    Lindsey Wessling, “New Sports in the Olympics”

Senior Historical Paper

2nd Place    Megan Streff, “How Superheroes Changed America’s WWII Participation”

Senior Group Performance

1st Place    Molly Vankat, Kateri Pantoja, and Clara Jones, “The New Collossus” 
concerning Irish immigration to America

Overall, Mercy had 36 students in the competition.  The 13 prize-winning entries qualify for the state competition on Saturday, April 18, at Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln.

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