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Highest Score at District Music

April 15, 2019
By Deb Daley

Congratulations to the Mercy High Singers for their award-winning performance at District Music!  The Mercy High Singers Treble Choir received a 1+, the highest possible score, for their performance.  Watch it here: .

The following students received a Division I ranking: 
•    Vocal Ensemble (led by Hanna Stec and Megan Oswald) - Megan Oswald, Katie Hawkins, Abby Rinkol, Emily Rimington, Erin Hardy, Hanna Stec, Ellen Veys 
•    Solo- Anna Buck 
•    Solo -Megan Oswald 
•    Solo-Victoria Nimneh 
•    Solo- Katie Hawkins 
•    Solo- Emily Rimington 
•    Solo-Hanna Stec 
•    Solo-Jordan Schaffer 
•    Piano Solo- Claire Schweikert 
•    Flute Solo- Katie Geist 
•    These students received a Division II ranking: 
•    Vocal Ensemble (led by Audra Pflug, and Jordan Winquest) - Anna Buck Rachel Poteat, Audra Pflug, Jordan Winquest, Lauren Jackson, Kate O’Brien, Jo Charbonneau, Sena Djidjoho 
•    Vocal Ensemble (led by Jordan Schaffer and Allie Marasco) - Jordan Schaffer, Jasmine Franklin, Allie Marasco, Meghann Plumb, Claire Schweikert, Victoria Nimneh, Katie Smith, Alice Long 
•    Solo- Erin Hardy 
•    Solo- Rachel Poteat 
•    Solo-Jordan Winquest 
•    Solo-Jasmine Franklin 
•    Duet- Lauren Jackson and Audra Pflug 
•    Piano solo-Emily Rimington

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