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Glad She Went to Mercy 

March 03, 2021
By Deb Daley

Even though she knew transferring in the middle of her sophomore year to Mercy might be stressful, Olivia Greene ’14 believes it is one of the best decisions she ever made.  According to Olivia,” Mercy allowed me to be myself, to take my studies seriously while enjoying the process along the way.”

Olivia met Calla Kessler ’14 through Saint Margaret Mary’s track team when they were in 8th grade.

“Calla would talk about the enriching teacher-student experience and how at home she felt at Mercy. I shadowed Calla in the beginning of sophomore year and felt welcomed by teachers, staff and fellow students. I transferred and was immediately brought into the community. Hannah Vankat '14 specifically reached out and offered her friendship and guidance in acclimating to Mercy.“

While at Mercy, Olivia was active in Show Choir and found it was one of the most fun and rewarding experiences she ever had. She also made many life-long friends. 

“The Show Choir team and Mrs. Pat Yunker, our teacher, were dedicated to understanding music theory, performance logistics and creativity. Today I continue to sing and immerse myself in the creative arts, always harking back to those times.”

The singer also loved her English classes and credits Ms. Mandi Marcuccio and Mrs. Cathy Kessler with having a lasting impact on her writing journey.  

“They taught students to be analytical, open-minded and creative in the way you analyze literature.” 
There were other Mercy teachers that affected the way she thinks and her perception of the world.

“I am grateful to Mrs. Vankat for highlighting the beauty of all types of religion in the World Religion class and the challenging, yet approachable way Ms. Newville and Ms. Walsh taught Biology and Chemistry.”

After graduating from Mercy, Olivia attended Saint Louis University and earned a degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing and Gender Studies.  She stayed in Saint Louis and became a Sustainability Manager at a small business.

“My high school and college education reinforced how important it is to have conversations. My understanding of environmentalism and animal rights grew at this time and I began to write about the way those topics intertwine and are a crucial part of the conversation.”

Currently, living in Salt Lake City, Utah, the Mercy grad is a Lead Generation Specialist for a medical device company that specializes in insulin management.  She also writes for the “Salt Lake City Underground ” magazine (SLUG) for the Arts and Lifestyle section.  

“This role is particular exciting to me because it reinforces the importance of understanding the diversity and beauty in the human experience and how that diversity gets people to where they are today. Writing about people’s small businesses, art shows and creative endeavors is linked to the way I was able to express my creativity at Mercy and appreciate it in others.”

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