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Cast Chosen for Musical

January 24, 2020
By Deb Daley

Mercy High School’s spring musical production, “Chicago: High School Edition,” has announced its cast list.  The show, whose characters embody the 20’s through singing, dancing and performance, features a variety of genres: vaudeville, jazz, crooner, ventriloquism, and more.  The play has also been adapted for suitability on a high school stage. It still deals in the main themes of the story: the relationship between the justice system and women, what defines a valid ground for defense, the importance of fidelity in a relationship, the repercussions of wrongdoing and rash decisions, and what it means to be blinded by the flashing promise of fame.

“On a personal level, 'Chicago' was the first Broadway touring production I ever saw at the Orpheum in Omaha. I was enthralled that 'Chicago: High School Edition' preserves all of the excitement of the show while toning down the content that would be objectionable. It’s critical to understand that this production is a work of satire: it puts the behaviors of its characters on display and jazzes them up in order to expose and criticize the characters, from a chorus girl with aspirations toward fame, a manipulative lawyer, or a press that at the time was more concerned with getting attention than getting it right. These are all issues that still matter today,” said Josh von Kampen, Theatre Director.

Dates for the musical are April 17-19 with ticket information and other details coming soon.

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