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Big Sisters/Little Sisters Set

May 05, 2020
By Deb Daley

Big Sisters/ Little Sisters have been set for the 2020-2021 school year. This beloved tradition is designed to help freshmen with the transition to high school and to forge a network of support and friends.  On May 1, Big Sisters introduced themselves to their freshmen Little Sisters by mailing a personal letter to each. This program is divided into 15 groups with 4-5 senior Big Sisters and 5-6 freshman Little Sisters in each.

They all have group names that are Mercy and this year’s group names are: 
•    Blue Crew
•    Butterfly Bunch
•    Catherine’s Cocoon
•    Catherine’s Crew
•    Golden Monarchs
•    Goldies
•    Kaleidoscope Krew
•    Merciful Monarchs
•    Mighty McAuley’s
•    Monarch Madness
•    Plaid Pack
•    Pretty in Plaid
•    Teacup Tribe
•    The HERd
•    The Monarchy
A group chat with each of the named groups is being planned for the middle of May. Mercy has hopes to schedule the Big & Little Sister picnic in late June or July.  Big Sisters will decorate lockers in August, give Little Sisters their greenie on the first day of school and decorate it before the school-wide Welcome Picnic held in August.  

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