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It’s a fact—girls are more likely to thrive in a learning environment that offers high levels of positive reinforcement, support and cooperation. Research shows that by sixth grade, most girls begin to lose self-confidence and self-worth. They tend to become less physically active, perform less in school, pull away from math, science and computers, as well as neglect their own interests and aspirations.

Graduates of an all-girls school, however, are just the opposite. They are confident, satisfied and accomplished. National studies conclude that students who attend an all-girls school:

  • Enjoy high academic performance
  • Perform better in math and science classes
  • Acquire more leadership skills and experience
  • Possess more self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Increase verbal skills
  • Attend graduate and post-graduate schools in greater numbers
  • Witness more female leadership role-models
  • Interact more with faculty
  • Participate more fully within and beyond the classroom
  • Possess greater academic and personal satisfaction than their co-ed counterparts

Why current Mercy girls like attending an all-girls school:

I love going to an all-girls school because it allows everyone to be themselves, without worrying what other people think.  Everyone is comfortable in their own skin, and it personally allows me to truly get to know my classmates because they are so friendly, confident and welcoming.  I would not have received the opportunities to succeed academically or socially or become the person I am today if I did not attend Mercy High School.

I like attending an all-girls school because I’m not afraid to be me. I feel like in a co-ed school I would worry about my appearance or raising my hand in class. My grades have greatly improved since being at Mercy and I firmly believe it’s because of the teachers and the all-girl environment!

There are so many things I love about Mercy, but my favorite is that it is an all-girls school. Before entering my freshman year, I considered myself to be a very shy person.  Due to the absence of boys, I feel more comfortable speaking in front of a class and participating.  Most importantly, I’m able to fully pay attention in class without distractions, therefore helping me reach my academic and personal goals.  Going to Mercy every day feels like going to my second home. 

I like going to an all girls school for many reasons. One of those reasons is that without boys, it helps you to try your best without being afraid to get an answer wrong or saying something weird in class. You truly get to focus on your grades and still have fun. Another advantage to an all girls school is that you can just come to school without worrying about your hair or makeup and you won’t feel judged. It is a great environment to be in and we all truly feel like sisters.