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It’s a fact—girls are more likely to thrive in a learning environment that offers high levels of positive reinforcement, support and cooperation. Research shows that by sixth grade, most girls begin to lose self-confidence and self-worth. They tend to become less physically active, perform less in school, pull away from math, science and computers, as well as neglect their own interests and aspirations.

Graduates of an all-girls school, however, are just the opposite. They are confident, satisfied and accomplished. National studies conclude that students who attend an all-girls school:

  • Enjoy high academic performance
  • Perform better in math and science classes
  • Acquire more leadership skills and experience
  • Possess more self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Increase verbal skills
  • Attend graduate and post-graduate schools in greater numbers
  • Witness more female leadership role-models
  • Interact more with faculty
  • Participate more fully within and beyond the classroom
  • Possess greater academic and personal satisfaction than their co-ed counterparts

Why current Mercy girls like attending an all-girls school:

I like going to an all girls school for many reasons. One of those reasons is that without boys, it helps you to try your best without being afraid to get an answer wrong or saying something weird in class. You truly get to focus on your grades and still have fun. Another advantage to an all girls school is that you can just come to school without worrying about your hair or makeup and you won’t feel judged. It is a great environment to be in and we all truly feel like sisters.

One of the best parts about Mercy High School is that it offers an all-girl advantage. As a senior here, I am able to say with utmost sincerity that being at an all-girl school has been extremely beneficial for me not only academically, but socially, and spiritually as well. Not having boys in the classroom has allowed me to be entirely focused on my education while at school. I have been able to be fully myself, participate in class discussions, and come to terms with who I am without the distraction and pressures that stem from the presence of the opposite gender. In addition, the absence of boys alleviates a lot of the social tension and drama found between girls at many of the co-ed schools. This enables girls to interact in a positive social environment that promotes them to blossom into the young women they’re supposed to be.

One of my absolute favorite things about Mercy is the fact that it is an all-girls school. The absence of boys at Mercy is not only beneficial for my performance in the classroom, but also for my overall experience of high school. I focus much more in class and participate more than I ever would if I went to school with boys. I love not having to constantly worry about if my hair looks okay or if I sounded like a nerd for answering too many questions in class. I honestly believe I have had a significantly better high school experience because I went to an all-girls school. I love the atmosphere and the complete acceptance of all the Mercy girls whenever I walk into school. It’s like walking into my second home filled with my 400 sisters. The bonds and friendships I have made my past four years are stronger than I could have ever hoped for. I will never regret going to an all-girls high school, but rather I will be extremely grateful for the memories I have made, and continue to make, with all my Mercy girls. I feel much more confident in myself after going to an all-girls school, especially one as amazing and fun as Mercy.

Mercy’s all-girls education has offered us a unique environment that feels like a second home. We feel free to share in classes and explore our education without distractions. It has given me opportunities to grow both as a student and on a personal level. There are always opportunities to participate, and a lot of room for us to do multiple activities each week.