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Mercy students have the opportunity to participate in a class retreat every year. These retreats provide students with the opportunity to grow both as a class and within their own individual faith lives.

The retreats are centered around the themes of welcoming, love & friendship within relationships, loving service, and being a Mercy-full woman.

Freshman Retreat: Failte (Welcome)- This retreat is centered around welcoming: welcoming the freshmen more fully into the Mercy community and helping them understand what that means for them, welcoming and building up the members of their class to feel confident in being the unique person that God created them to be ,and understanding their important responsibility to build a strong, united class.

Sophomore Retreat: Claddagh (Love & Friendship)– This retreat focuses on relationships: our relationship with the people in our lives and with God.  What do these relationships mean to us, how do they impact our lives, and how do they form and mold us into the person that God has created us to be?

Junior Retreat: Grámhara (Loving)- This retreat includes a morning of service work followed by an afternoon of reflection on the service that the students participated in, while also addressing the reality of injustices within our community and world that we are called to acknowledge and work to change as women of Mercy who follow in Jesus’ footsteps.  Though this is a difficult, and at times, overwhelming challenge as we focus on the hope and impact that our actions truly can bring.

Senior Fall Retreat: Trócaire (Mercy)– This two day, overnight retreat focuses on moving on, packing up, and leaving home — all in the context of taking Mercy with them as Women of Mercy.  The students look at where they have been and how their lives, to this point, have formed them into the people they are today: people who are in a place of transition into Women of Mercy, who are going out into a world that is in need of Mercy-full women.

Senior Spring Retreat:  This retreat is one of the last activities that the senior class does together before graduation, and provides them with an opportunity to take some time to really soak in this special time in their lives. Along with processing through the many memories that have occurred over the past four years, seniors receive advice from former students who are finishing their first year of college, are officially welcomed into the Alumni Association, receive letters from family and friends, and are commissioned by their classmates to go forward into the world as Women of Mercy.

Kairos Retreat

Kairos is an optional four day retreat that is open to students the summer between their Sophomore or Senior year.

Kairos is a word that is loosely translated as “God’s Time”.  It is a retreat centered in Ignatian spirituality with the goal of helping retreatants to discern and discover how God works in their lives.

The goals for the retreat are two-fold.  First for retreatants to build a stronger relationship with God through reflection, discernment, discussions, personal prayer, Mass, Reconciliation and communal prayer experiences.  Secondly, to build a sense of community with the large group on retreat, within small groups, through liturgy and discussion, with the ultimate goal of returning to Mercy and having a positive impact on the culture of our entire school.

The retreat experience is an opportunity to get away from the chaos of everyday life and take some time to be still, listen, and learn more about yourself and the God that loves you.