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Mercy High School offers a diversified fine arts curriculum with courses in dance, drama, vocal music, and visual arts. Quality instruction of these courses comes from a top-notch fine arts faculty, most of whom hold a masters degree in their field of expertise. Students enrolled in the fine arts strengthen their critical thinking and problem solving skills, while expanding their imaginative horizons. Students are offered abundant opportunities to explore multiple solutions and interpretations to creative endeavors. A fine arts student at Mercy finds herself in an environment where ingenuity and self expression are nurtured and encouraged.

For specific courses offered by the Fine Arts Department see the Curriculum Guide.


The dance program at Mercy High School is designed as an appreciation course teaching students of all abilities the art of dance. Students are exposed to ethnic, cultural, social, performance, choreography, history, ballet, jazz, tap, and modern. Over the course of a year, students will explore dances they would like to pursue whether it be for a professional dance company, dance for exercise, or for social purposes. The advanced dance students develop a production they choreograph, design costumes, write with press releases and perform at local venues and schools. During the school year, students gain a sense of self-confidence, overcome challenges, and see improvement and growth while collaborating with others.


The music program at Mercy High School is committed to the expression of self, the ability to share on a musical level, and the joy and perseverance of performing. It is such an empowering gift to one another to communicate with singing or playing of an instrument. Opportunities are never-ending in support of the traditions the Mercy community embraces of music.

The beginner choir, Concert Choir, focuses on learning the basics of music performance, notation and expression.  The advanced select choir, Mercy High Singers, works on advanced vocal technique, music literacy and performance techniques.  They are often called upon to perform for the school or in the community, as well as servicing as the liturgy choir for school Suscipe events.

Top ratings have been received by both groups at District music contest.  There are many opportunities for students to perform/compete as soloists or small ensembles.  Seniors in Mercy High Singers have the opportunity to conduct student ensembles for music contests.

Beginning Guitar Class teaches music literacy along with classical and folk guitar methods.  Students may bring their own guitars or use a school guitar.  Technique and reading are stressed as students explore various guitar music genres and styles, with the goal being performing and accompanying.

Instrumentalists are encouraged to participate in the Liturgy Band, which assists the Mercy High Singers at Mass.  Guitars and percussion as well as trumpets, clarinets and more can help the student body in their celebration of the Eucharist.  Instrumentalists (including pianists) are also offered the opportunity to play a meditation piece at Mass.

Instrumentalists are also encouraged to join the Pep Band.  Pep Band plays at pep rallies and home basketball games.  Trained musicians as well as beginners are welcome to join...there is an instrument for everyone!

Theatre Arts

The Department of Theatre Arts at Mercy High School is committed to providing a superior training program for high school students in theatre. Through a balance of classroom instruction and hands-on stage production experience, students gain the theatrical skills necessary to succeed in college or in community theatre. The program at Mercy High School nurtures a student’s intellectual and aesthetic development in all aspects of the art of theatre, whether for personal enrichment, advanced study or for the preparation for a career in theatre or a related field. The department presents a balance of both classical and contemporary theatre, offering at least two stage productions each academic semester. Two of the stage productions each year (one each semester) include male actors from high schools across the Omaha metropolitan area. The students assume responsible roles in the areas of performance, scenery, costumes, lighting, sound, and management. The department has an active International Thespian Honor Society Chapter, which participates in the annual state convention and receives awards annually at the State Convention.


Visual Arts

The visual arts curriculum is well-rounded, and designed to meet the needs of any student, regardless of ability. Whether you are seriously considering a career in art or simply enjoy being creative, you will find opportunities for artistic growth at Mercy. You may browse our online gallery to see our recent projects. Mercy student-artists have won recognition at numerous local and state competitions and have exhibited at the local, state and national levels. In addition to formal course work, Mercy also offers an Art Club.  Follow Mrs. Jane Langenfeld on Twitter at @MercyArtDept.