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Student and Mom Write Book

September 04, 2018
By Deb Daley

Many children have experienced the fear of the dark, imagined monsters under the bed, and thoughts of boogie men.  For Robyn Rimington, and her husband Doug, those imaginings became a pervasive family problem, when her daughter Emily would not go to sleep at night because she was afraid of the dark. The only solution seemed to be lie down with her until she fell asleep.  The disruption to the household was almost unbearable until Robyn, a psychology major from Creighton, came up with a creative solution.  She told her daughter they should start meeting on the moon in their dreams to have play.  It worked, and Emily began sleeping through the night.

Several months passed and Emily’s grandfather grew ill and passed away.  Emily saw that her mother was very sad, so she suggested her mom invite grandpa to the moon with them.  Robyn agreed, and she dreamed of dancing with her father on the moon that very night.  It helped her cope with the loss.

“My mom and I decided why not turn our experiences, which I know many other families have had to deal with, into a creative work of art and write a children’s book,” Emily said.  

 Emily, who is currently a freshman at Mercy, has always loved to write.  She would craft short stories and had even won local poetry and essay contests.  

The duo began the labor of love in 2015 and it took about a year to complete the manuscript.  They worked with Mascot Books to publish the book.  Emily even chose the illustrator who was an artist from Italy. 

“We had three goals in mind when we began this project.  We wanted to do something as a mother/daughter, we wanted to publish a children’s book and we wanted to help others.  The journey was an amazing, creative and bonding experience for us both,” said Robyn.

Although they haven’t focused a great deal of attention on marketing the book, “Meet Me on the Moon,” is available on and Barnes and Noble.  They are working on plans to let more people know about it. 

“We hope that this book can help other children and their parents. It is an innocent, story-telling approach with whimsical illustrations that families can read and enjoy together,” said Robyn.

The mother/daughter team is not finished.  Even though Emily is a busy Mercy freshman who plays piano, sings in the Mercy High Singers and Show Choir, and has just auditioned for “Alice In Wonderland,” she wants to make time to write more. 

“We hope to do a series of educational children’s books on famous persons.  We are gathering input and right now Albert Einstein is leading the suggestions,” Emily added.