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Grad Named to Global Scholars

May 11, 2018
By Deb Daley

When Lauren Ramaekers ’18 visited the Dominican Republic for a service immersion trip her junior year at Mercy, the trip profoundly moved her.  Seeing the plight of the third world country gave her an appreciation of not only her own life but also a sense of commitment to witness and serve others around the globe.  She formulated plans to attend Creighton University and major in Biology and Spanish, enter pre-med, become a surgeon and use those skills to serve others.

She has taken two major milestones in that direction-after graduation in May from Mercy she will attend Creighton and she is one of only 20 individuals who are part of the university’s new Global Scholars Program.

As a Global Scholar, Lauren will study abroad four semesters during her college years.  Her first stint abroad will begin on July 17, when she will start her freshman studies at the University of Australia in Sydney for the fall semester.  The rigorous application process included not only paperwork and an interview, but an essay articulating why the candidate was worthy of the honor.

“I drew upon my experience in the DR and how it made me grow as a person in mind, body and spirit.  I think studying in other countries can give me a global perspective to my long-term goals,” she said.

Ramaekers received the Creighton Founders Award to study at Creighton.  During her time at Mercy, she portrayed Catherine McAuley, the founder of the Sisters of Mercy, during the 2017 Mercy Day Play. She plays softball, soccer and is part of the Show Choir.  Lauren is also a member of the National Honor Society (NHS).  She was a freshman and sophomore class representative as well as member of the May Court during her sophomore year.  She sang in the Mercy Singers and was in “Miracle on 34th Street,” her freshman year.  Lauren’s grandmother, Viola Hennes, also graduated from Mercy in 1958.

“Some of my peers have asked if I am scared about going abroad so quickly.  I can’t wait. I believe the experience will help me grow as a person,” she added.