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Mercy Shows Heart Through Art

April 26, 2017
By Deb Daley

A 6-foot heart depicting women in various careers and another heart serving as an abstract representation of crossing paths, was unveiled at Mercy High School, 1501 S. 48th St., on Monday, April 24 at 3:05 p.m. The hearts are part of a professional, public art project called Nebraska by Heart. The hearts will be on display throughout Lincoln as part of the 150th anniversary of Nebraska’s statehood.

Honors Art students and their teacher, Jane Langenfeld, entered proposals into the competition and six of the Mercy designs were chosen out of 224 entries to be created. Outside funding was secured to create two of the hearts. The student designed piece titled, NE Woman (pronounced Any Woman), depicts women working in a variety of careers and was sponsored by CHI Health. According to the statement of intent, “This piece is symbolizing that any woman, regardless of size, race, religion, or age, can do any career that she wants to do.” The alexis PROJECT, which is a non-profit that speaks out against drunk driving, sponsored the Langenfeld heart which is entitled When Paths Cross. The idea of the design stemmed from the belief that people come into one’s life for a reason, even if only for a moment in time. Langenfeld’s interpretation is from an educator’s viewpoint of how many students have crossed her path and how she has hopefully sparked their creativity along the way.

Intertech Collision, 5638 Center Street, provided the UV clear coat protective for the artwork, which will travel to Lincoln and be on display at various locations later this month.