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On a Mission to Help Girls in Africa

March 15, 2018
By Grayce McCormick

       “Extinguish fear. Ignite Mercy.”

            This is the motto for the powerful week ahead for the women of Mercy High School: Mission Week 2018, March 19-23.   

            What’s their mission?  This year, it is to send African girls back to school. They are helping to rebuild a library and school and purchase feminine hygiene products for the girls in need.

            There has been much religious conflict and violence involved in Cameroon, Africa, specifically at a community center for girls with classrooms by day and a Tri-Faith center by night.  There were attacks on Christian property, and in 2014, the center was deliberately destroyed.  They have not since rebuilt it.

            In addition to Cameroon, girls in Sudan are also struggling going to school because they face societal dangers and feel victimized.  Girls will avoid attendance because they lack the basic necessities such as underwear and sanitary pads, and therefore lack confidence to appear in public. 

            The students’ goal is to raise $16,000 for this cause.  There are a variety of events to raise money.

            Throughout the whole week, a Penny War will be held.  T-Shirts ($12) and wristbands ($10) will also be sold on Tuesday and Thursday.  If you purchase a wristband, you can dress down for the whole week. 

             There is also a Dodgeball Tournament on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15-3:45 p.m.  Cost is $40 per team and there are 8 members per team.  The championship will be held on Friday, with the student championship first, followed by the students vs. teachers’ game. 

            Next, there is S.I.E.S.T.A on Friday from 1:06-3:00 p.m. with a pizza lunch and a dress down day for all.  The activities include games in Franey, FBLA Jail, a live auction, raffle, the dodgeball championship, the penny war winner, and Polaroids.  Lots of tasty food will be served as well: ice cream sundaes, lemonade, and mini cupcakes. 

            Lastly, there will be a Glow Dance Friday from 8-11 p.m. in Franey Hall.  There will be black lights and music by DJ Supafly.  Admission is $7 and 1 free glow stick is included.  It will cost $1 for two glow sticks and $1 for glow face paint.  Invite your friends and have them bring their student ID.

            Participating in all these exciting events will benefit girls in Sudan and Cameroon and encourage them to return to school and receive a quality education.  Join in the fun-filled week and support girls across the globe!