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Mat Project for Open Door Mission

January 31, 2018
By Grayce McCormick

Mercy students adopted a service project as part of Catholic Schools Week 2018. The Mission Mats Project is an effort to make mats out of plastic bags to be used at the Open Door Mission. These mats are utilized as cushion or coverage by the homeless who sleep outside and can also be used for overflow beds on busy nights. The project is being done in coordination with residents of Pacific Springs Village (PSV) who have been participating in the Mission Mats Project for some time, but the process is hard on wrists/forearms.

Several residents from PSV came to show students how to create the mats on January 31. Workers sort and flatten the bags to get all the air out (it takes 700-800 bags to make one mat!), then they cut the bags and tie the loops together to make long strands. Then they roll these strands into balls and crochet them into mats!

Although the process takes diligence and patience, the results are worth it. The mats are easily stored, waterproof, insect repellant, and can be washed with a hose. They also have convenient handles.

Students were excited to give back to their community in the spirit of Catholic Schools Week.