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Retreats Focus on Service, Formation

August 28, 2017
By Deb Daley

Both the juniors and seniors will be participating in retreats that include service, reflection and formation.

The junior retreat is on Friday, September 1st and will include service support to numerous locations in Omaha. The retreat includes a morning of service work followed by an afternoon of reflection on the service that the students participated in, while also addressing the reality of injustices within our community and world that we are called to acknowledge and work to change as women of Mercy who follow in Jesus’ footsteps. Though this is a difficult, and at times, overwhelming challenge as we focus on the hope and impact that our actions truly can bring.

They include:

1. St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store (21st and Leavenworth)

2. Habitat ReStore (S 24th St location)

3. Girls Scouts of Nebraska

4. Salvation Army (Burrows Center)

5. Heart Ministry Center

6. Ronald McDonald House

7. The Humble Lily

8. Open Door Mission

9. Intercultural Senior Center

10. Gotta Be Me Inc.

The seniors will be at a two-day, overnight retreat at Calvin Crest Camp and Retreat Center in Fremont, Neb. beginning Thursday, August 31st. The retreat focuses on moving on, packing up, and leaving home – all in the context of taking Mercy with them as Women of Mercy. The students look at where they have been and how their lives, to this point, have formed them into the people they are today; people who are in a place of transition into Women of Mercy, who are going out into a world that is in need of Mercy-full women.