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A Welcoming Tradition

August 27, 2021
By Kailey Anson '23

The Mercy Welcome Picnic was on Friday, August 20. It was a fun-filled half-day with lots of activities, games, and food. After the Greenie Parade, all students walked down to the park to have a picnic. All of the Mercy girls had the option to potluck with their friends, or bring their own lunch. The Welcome Picnic is held for everyone to get to know each other and celebrate the upcoming school year.

The Student Council tries to get every student to participate in different activities. The whole idea of the picnic is to make everyone feel like they belong at Mercy. Our picnic shows how the different grades can come together as one to play games. It especially makes the freshmen feel more comfortable as they begin their journey at Mercy High school. They can become more familiar with their classmates and the other students. It is a perfect way for everyone to make new friends, and show their talents in the different activities. Additionally, all students are encouraged to get involved by joining in different activities. Each class tries to get as many participation points as possible to be the winners.

Finally, the Welcome Picnic is an excellent way to have fun! At the picnic,  students can be seen having an enjoyable time by participating in the different activities and talking to their friends. There are mini-games for people to enjoy, and there are also bigger games against the different grades. So many teachers join in on the activities, and it makes the day feel special. All the grades have a friendly competitive kickball, basketball, and flag football game. Each grade tries their best to win, and even if they don’t, they still have a great time. The Mercy Welcome Picnic is such a welcoming, engaging, and entertaining experience!

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