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To make your Omaha Gives! gift in support of Mercy, visit here.

Create a Cheer Page

What is a cheer page? 

Cheer Pages provide a way for you to raise money on behalf of Mercy High School for Omaha Gives! You can create a custom web page with pictures, video, and a personal appeal. Once your page is set up, you can share it with your friends and family by posting it on social media and sending emails linking to your cheer page. 

How do i get started?

To create a Cheer Page, you'll need to create an Omaha Gives! donor profile. From there, you can set up your very own Cheer Page any time after May 1.

1. Log in to or create your OmahaGives! donor profile. (To create profile, click "login" in the top right corner of Then click "Donor," which will take you to a new page where you will click "Create profile.")
2. Click on the "Cheer Page" tab of your account.
3. On the “Cheer Pages” tab, click on “Create Cheer Page”.
4. Enter the information you want on your Cheer Page (i.e. a picture of you, a video about the nonprofit you’re supporting, a personal message asking your friends and family to donate, etc.).
5. Create a custom URL for your Personal Cheer Page.
6. Set your fundraising goal.
7. And you’re live! Begin to spread the word by posting your Cheer Page on social media and sharing it with your family and friends. 

What should I set as a goal?

You can set any goal you want, but we encourage you to choose a goal that is feasible within 24 hours through your personal social networks. Successful campaigns have ranged from $100-$2,000.

When will my cheer page end?

Your cheer page will end at midnight on May 22. If you want to keep cheering for Mercy, the Omaha Community Foundation will open up this feature again after May 22 so you can cheer year-round.

Will I be notified if someone makes a gift to my cheer page?

Yes! You will be sent an email that tells you that a donation has been made and who made the donation unless they have chosen to give anonymously. We encourage you to thank that donor right away.

How will donations to my cheer page get to Mercy?

When people donate to your Cheer Page, they are donating to Mercy and not directly to you. When someone clicks to donate on your Cheer Page, they will be directed to the donation page for Mercy and will complete their donation through the normal checkout process.

As with all other donations, the Omaha Community Foundation will compile the donations and distribute checks to participating nonprofits after the event. You will receive no financial compensation for your fundraising efforts, but you will reap all the rewards that come from giving back to your community!