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Monarch Parents Club

The mission of the Monarch Parents Club is to support our young women in their extracurricular activities and to enhance many of the events and aspects that are an integral part of school life at Mercy. Our most recent funding for our extracurricular programs includes two volleyball systems for our volleyball program, a synthesizer and music stands for our show choir, and signs and megaphones for our cheerleaders. Due to your past support we are able to fund all the requests received from our coaches, sponsors and directors.

When you become a member of the Monarch Parents Club and indicate the areas where you would contribute your time and talent, one of the MPC Core Team members will contact you to discuss how you can help us. Whether you obtain a membership or not, you are always welcome to volunteer your time and effort in an area of your interest. 

Please consider actively supporting our Monarch Parents Club and at the same time working for the benefit of the students at Mercy High School. Become a member of our Monarch Parents Club and assist us in making the new school year an excellent experience for all of our young women. Simply complete the form below.