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Alumnae Volunteer Opportunities

The Alumnae Council meets regularly to plan events and fundraising opportunities in support of Mercy's mission. Fill out the Alumnae Volunteer Form or contact Roz Parr '09 ( to express your interest in joining the Council.

In the spring of 2021, we're hosting Career Day for our students to learn more about their professional possibilities. Two alumnae are paired together to talk to groups of approximately 10 students about their jobs. After a 15-minute discussion, the students rotate and you will speak to a new group of students. If you're not in Omaha, we'd love to Skype you in, too! If you'd like to share your professional experiences at Career Day, fill out the Alumnae Volunteer Form or contact Roz Parr '09 (

In the spring of 2021, alumnae are invited to come and speak about their experiences as Women of Mercy out in the world. You will speak to a small group of seniors, and they will be encouraged to ask you questions about your experiences. Fill out the Alumnae Volunteer Form or contact Roz Parr '09 ( to join us for Senior Retreat.

As a Class Raffle Captain, we ask that you write a letter to your classmates encouraging them to purchase a FIESTA raffle ticket, especially if they aren't able to attend FIESTA. We will provide you with mailing addresses for your classmates as well as a sample letter to use as the basis for your class letter, which will need to mail by December 8, 2019. In gratitude, you will receive one free raffle ticket. If you have any questions, contact Roz Parr '09 (

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