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My name is Allison Sass and I am the athletic trainer for Mercy High School. During the school week I am in the athletic training facility (ATF) after school, here the girls can come see me before practice to receive treatment or have me evaluate an injury. During the fall I alternate going to softball and volleyball practices. In the winter I cover all basketball practices, and in the spring I cover soccer and track practices. I also provide medical coverage for all home games and away basketball games.

The student-athletes at Mercy can see me for any medical issue. I evaluate their injury and follow up with medical recommendations for treatment or referral. Some of the resources we have available in our ATF are ultrasound, estim, therabands, exercise bike, treadmill, whirlpool, hydroculator and other rehab equipment.  In the quick link section you will find a copy of Mercy's concussion protocol and information on general nutrition.





In ATR every day after school

Covers scheduled practices

Covers all home games