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Mercy Opened Her Mind to the World

November 09, 2016
By Deb Daley

She lives on the other side of the world, teaching at a middle school and university in South Korea.   And she feels such an adventure would not of been possible without her years at Mercy.

Elizabeth Ferrante ‘08 participated in an exchange program with a sister school in Argentina during her time at Mercy and it changed her life.

“It opened my mind to the world. It also was amazing to see the circle of Mercy in action,” she added.

Elizabeth has traveled the globe. She has taught with Teach for America in Miami, was an instructor of English as a Second Language in San Diego and journeyed to South America and Spain.

She attended Mercy from 2004 to 2008. The school was in the neighborhood and her parents were drawn to Mercy because of its strong Catholic education and the Negotiated Tuition Program. Elizabeth was involved in theatre, the Mercy High Singers and the National Honor Society.


“ I have a lot to thank Mercy for today. Mercy instilled in me a great deal of self-confidence and I definitely needed that to move to the other side of the world to fulfill my dreams of teaching and living abroad,” she said.

Elizabeth attended Rockhurst University in Kansas City and graduated with a degree in Global Studies and Spanish in 2012.

She is still in constant contact with friends from Mercy and feels connected to them through the circle of Mercy present throughout the world.