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Her Mercy Grounding Has Helped Her Soar

February 14, 2017
By Deb Daley

She has been all over the world thanks in part to the “grounding” she received from Mercy High School. Leanne Prewitt ’97 is now a Creative Director at Ervin & Smith and has been using her Mercy experiences to help her along the way.

Although she wanted to go to the same public school as her best friend, Leanne’s mom insisted on a Catholic school. And when Leanne attended a lock-in at the school, she bonded with the Mercy girls. While there she was involved with sports, served on the Student Council and was a member of the pompon team.

“ I helped found the Pep Squad to rally school spirit and begged my mom to make the awesome monarch mascot wings that the school still uses today,” she said.


She believes that at Mercy the students are free to focus on finding what they are good at and that those accomplishments are celebrated.

“I credit Mercy with teaching me how to speak up for what I want and to never settle for less that I deserve. My teachers and my coaches pushed me. The standards were high, which I’ve come to learn is important to keeping me inspired to work hard,” she added.

After graduation she went to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising in 2001. She headed to New York City to try her wings and encountered emotional (September 11 took place) and personal challenges there. She returned to Omaha for several years and then went back to New York in 2010 with her now husband. Her career flourished.

Always up for a new experience, she and her husband packed up their things and in 2015 embarked on a sabbatical around the world. For five months they experienced how “small the world is” traveling to Spain, Paris, France, Ireland, Scotland, England, Copenhagen, Thailand, Hong Kong and Tokyo. She moved back to Omaha in October of 2015.

Over the years her career working in advertising agencies also blossomed. She worked her way up from an entry-level copywriter into management as a creative director.

As Creative Director at Ervin & Smith she manages the team of copywriters and designers who create the materials for assigned clients. Although it’s a big job, she again feels Mercy helped to prepare her for this responsibility.

“ Being a Mercy Girl prepared me for this role by instilling confidence in myself and my abilities. That foundation, of always supporting creative endeavors, has helped make me a well-rounded, creative thinker,” she said.

She and her mom, Ann Bogacz Prewitt ’60 attend alumnae events together, and she has recently volunteered to be on the Alumnae Council. She also donates to the school.

“ I feel privileged to have both attended Mercy and gained so much from my time there, so it’s a no-brainer for me to give back a little,” she added.