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Alumna Message: Give Back

July 27, 2018
By Deb Daley

“With my knowledge of fundraising, I know the importance of giving back,” said Alyssa Danze Norman ’02 who currently serves as a Prospect Research Manager at Creighton University. As the Secretary of Mercy’s Alumnae Council, she also encourages her fellow alumnae to help support current Mercy Girls.  

“During my freshman year, the old gym was transformed into Franey Hall and the new gym was added.  I can only image all the fundraising work that went into raising money to complete the project,” she said.  

Alyssa recalls with fondness the many opportunities she had and the lasting friendships she made at Mercy. Her parents gave her a choice on where to go to high school but about half of her classmates from Holy Cross went to Mercy. Her mom, Lisa Glaser Danze ’75and sisterTressa Danze Dekker ’05also went there.

“I remember the Mercy Lock-In for 8th graders being so much fun! I met so many girls and we stayed up all night,” she said.

She attended Mercy from 1998-2002.  While there, she was a Student Ambassador all four years and on the Dance Team her junior and senior year.

“I loved being a Student Ambassador, visiting 7th and 8th graders in the Omaha area and sharing Mercy experiences with them. I remember creating an airplane sketch about Mercy. It helped me to become more comfortable with speaking to groups,and it was easy when talked about something loved,” she added.  

After graduation she attended Creighton University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism degree in 2006.  She immediately began her career at Creighton and has been there for 11 years. 

“In my role, I see that donations are necessary to grow and develop the University for the future.  The same can be said for Mercy.  Fundraising plays a critical role for any non-profit,especially education,” she said. 

Last summer, her Class of 2002 had their 15-year reunion. 

“I am still best friends with four girls from my class.  The older I get, the more I appreciate how special my time was at Mercy and all the women that I have had the privilege to know.  I would never have imagined in high school that my son’s best friend at daycare would be my fellow classmate’s son,” she said.

She is happy to tell people what a great place Mercy is and to remind alumnae, family and friends why it’s important to give back. 

“My daughter is going into kindergarten this year, and I want Mercy to be at its best when it’s time for her to become a Mercy student,” she said.