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Congratulations!  Your daughter is looking at high schools.  This is such an exciting time in both of your lives, as she prepares to find the right school for her.  While the ultimate goal is to have your daughter find the perfect school for her, your role in the high school search process is most important.  Your daughter will look to you for guidance, advice, facts and opinions.  After all, who knows her better than her parents?   

Since I have been in admissions at Mercy for over a decade, please allow me to share a few helpful suggestions for this exciting high school search:

  • Have your daughter shadow at any high school that she is interested in.  I would highly recommend students to shadow first in 7th grade, and then shadow again in 8th grade if she is debating between schools.  Shadowing is the best way for a student to determine in which high school she feels most comfortable.
  • Encourage your daughter to expand her search to high schools that her friends may not be attending.  While they may be tempted to follow their friends they have attended school with for years, your daughter will have no problem making friends wherever she goes to high school.
  • Go to Open Houses.  All of the Omaha Catholic high schools have their Open Houses on Sundays in November.  This is a great time to tour the building, meet the faculty, staff and administration, and attend presentations regarding tuition, college-prep curriculums, activities, etc.
  • Take a tour of the school while classes are in session so you can see the students and faculty in action.
  • Visit with current high school students and parents to ask them how they chose their high school and what they like most about it.
  • Check out school websites to see what the school has to offer for classes, activities, athletics, faith & service opportunities.

I am available to answer questions you may have about high school.  Please feel free to email me, Mrs. Anne McGill, Director of Admissions at 402.553.9424.  Good luck with your high school search and I hope your daughter comes to visit at Mercy soon!

Read below to see why current parents chose Mercy for their daughter:

Mercy's tradition of academic excellence combined with its concern for social justice are why we chose to send our daughter across the city for high school. Our daughter is walking the halls that I did in the 1990's and her grandma did in the 1950's. While the building has changed through the three generations, Mercy's mission has not.

When considering where our youngest child and only daughter would attend high school, there was never any question that it would be Mercy High School. Even though her three older brothers attended a local co-ed Catholic school, we never wavered on our decision that Mercy was the best place for her learn, grow, and explore. As an alum, I consider my time at Mercy as one of the biggest blessings of my life. I'm so happy to be able to share that blessing with my daughter!

As an alum of the class of 1998, sending my daughters to Mercy was never a question. My mother walked Mercy hallways, as well as my sisters. It is a home away from home...where girls from all ethnic and social backgrounds grow into faith-filled, proud, young women who think independently. Mercy is a tradition I am proud to uphold and will always be a special bond I share with my daughters.