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The Academic Success Center’s mission is to provide a comfortable space for Mercy Girls to study together, collaborate on group projects and seek specific academic assistance.  Throughout the day, the Academic Success Coordinator facilitates the aid of peer tutors, alumnae tutors, one-on-one teacher assistance and directed intervention for Mercy’s entire student body.  Stop in at any time during the school day and find the ASC buzzing with self-directed as well as peer-led academic excellence!

The Academic Success Center is open to all students during study hall and after school until 3:45.

The ASC provides a collaborative space for the following purposes:

  • Peer tutoring 
  • Walk-in help from National Honor Society tutors
  • Tutoring sessions with alumnae or college tutors
  • Regular study group meetings
  • One-on-one consultation with the Academic Success Coordinator
  • Self-directed individual study
  • Group project work

The Academic Success Coordinator arranges all tutoring, schedules study sessions for final exams, and serves as a liaison between the student’s specific needs and the faculty, in addition to overseeing the hour-by-hour operation of the ASC.

The 9th Hour and Direct Support programs are conducted through the ASC to assist students who fall into patterns of missing homework and/or slipping grades.   The mission of these programs is not punitive, but rather to assist students in developing better study habits and help build stronger foundations for success.  

9th Hour

9th Hour meets from 3:05-3:35 P.M. Monday through Friday and is a consequence for habitual missing or significantly incomplete work.  When a student has failed to turn in four assignments on time or at all, she is placed in 9th hour for five days starting the following Monday.

Direct Support

Direct Support is a program designed to assist struggling students who are in danger of failing or have received an "F" in any class on a progess report or report card.  Teachers may also request that a student be placed in Direct Support when the student has not sought help on her own.  Students are required to attend a minimum of four, pre-arranged Direct Support meetings with the classroom teacher in a 3-4 week time frame.

ESL Specialist

Mercy High School values diversity and strives to promote a culturally responsive learning environment where students' first language and cultural identity are nurtured and celebrated. Tutoring and academic support are available to English Language Learners with the goal of increasing proficiency levels in the skill areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing with a particular focus in building the academic language necessary to excel in all subject areas.

The ESL Specialist is also available to serve as a liaison between the school and parents as well as between the student and their content teachers to ensure that their specific learning needs are being met.