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Mercy High School is dedicated to educating the whole person. Clubs present opportunities for students to pursue and share their unique interests with other Mercy Girls.  All clubs are open to students of any grade level.  Club offerings vary from year to year depending on student interest.  Clubs meet from 3:00-3:30 on their specified day, and it varies how often they meet during the month.  Practices for athletics and fine arts do not begin until 3:45, so students have a chance to participate in as many extracurricular activities at they want at Mercy!

Clubs at Mercy

Art club consists of a group of students who are interested in art and want to learn more about it. The club is led by the members, so the year is filled with activities that group members express an interest in. You do not have to be taking an art class to be in art club.  In the past, this club has participated such activities as designing our own club t-shirt, having student-led workshops, creating quick and unique projects, and participating in service oriented art projects.

Baking Club meets once a month after school to bake delicious treats. Some of our past creations have included cake pops, cupcakes, sugar cookies and cookie-dough bites. We sell our delicious products to the student body at lunch the next day. If baking and decorating treats is something you enjoy, then Baking Club is the place for you!

“Book of the Month” Club’s mission is to nurture and perpetuate a love of reading!  This student-run group selects a book (usually a contemporary novel) for independent investigation and group discussion. Some contemporary authors recently read include Jodi Picoult House Rules, Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games trilogy, Sara Gruen Water for Elephants, and Kathryn Stockett The Help. When possible, the club organizes group outings to view books made into film.

The Golden Girls exist to support Mercy athletics. We create themes for home games, make signs to support our athletes, participate in Pep Rallies, and do everything we can to spread school spirit throughout our student section and our school!

This group of instrumentalists, guitar players, drummers, clarinetists, trumpet players, etc,  provide the music for all school masses & SUSCIPE events.  We also play for special events such as the MOMS mass and Parent Appreciation Mass.  Students of all skill level work together and learn from each other as they assist the student body in their worship.

Through engaging in courtroom trial simulations in competition with teams from other schools in Nebraska, club members develop critical thinking and public speaking skills, as well as a knowledge of legal practices and procedures.

Student who work on Monarch Memories Yearbook Staff develop a new and unique yearbook theme, create a cover showcasing the theme, design page layouts, choose photos and graphics for each page, and gather information to write stories, headlines and captions that capture the many memories created during each school year.

We celebrate cultures from around the globe with food, speakers, fun facts, and activities. Open to students of all grades who want to appreciate the lives with whom we share this world.

The purpose of this organization shall be to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership and to develop character in students of secondary schools (from the NHS Constitution).  NHS organizes the Honors Assembly each spring and members distribute awards. NHS takes an active role in Mercy’s FIESTA by greeting guests and serving as auction runners. Members also partner with Holy Cross Parish to organized Red Cross Blood Drives twice a year as the group’s service project.

This group is actively involved in meeting the needs of people in the Omaha area who experience poverty, hunger and homelessness.  In addition to large group meetings with all the Omaha Catholic high schools, there are also smaller meetings with student core leaders from each school.  Fundraisers include Trick-or-Treating, Penny Wars, Dances, and the Holiday Can Food Drive.  They also deliver sack lunches to the homeless during the summer.  The goal of Operation Others is to feed 1,600 families in the Omaha area around Christmas, and to provide them with food for two weeks. The goal is met by holding multiple fundraisers such as dances, scavenger hunts, a turkey donation day and restaurant nights

Pastoral Council Team was created for students who want to be involved in the planning and carrying out of Masses, Prayer Services, Assemblies, All-School Morning Prayers, and other faith building activities as a group.  This group plans many of the SUSCIPE services for the school year.  The lectors (readers), EMHC’s, and other Mass responsibilities come from this group.  They believe in working, serving and having fun together.  The Christmas cookie exchange and decorating party has become our favorite group bonding activity.

The Mercy Pep Band provide pep music for basketball games and pep rallies.  Instrumentalists are welcome.  In addition we feature many percussion parts.  Knowledge of music is helpful but not necessary.  Most necessary is the ability to attend most or all of the games and play with spirit and might!

Active in showing the Mercy community the value of ALL life, the Pro-Life Group works to promote respect of the unborn, elderly, mentally and physically challenged, and the homeless.  The Pro-Life members participate in Omaha’s Life Chain in the fall and plan activities during Respect Life Month in October.  Raising funds to support Project Rachel is one of the main projects of this group.  Other activities planned for the year may also include volunteering at Essential Pregnancy Services, shelters, Mercy Villa and participating in other city and state-wide pro-life activities.

The Recruiitment Team assists in the recruitment of future Mercy girls. These students contribute with planning several Mercy events held throughout the year. They also help contact grade school students and take visiting students along with them to their classes as a Shadow Hostess.  Recruitment Team members help out with several of the recruitment events including Crossing Bridges, Open House, Scholarship & Placement Exam and other activities that take place during the school year.

Scrapbooking Club is a creative outlet for Mercy Girls who want to turn their memories into art!  Club meetings are mainly work sessions for individual scrapbooks, but we also explore digital and video scrapbooking as well as smaller paper-art crafts.  The Scrapbooking Club will decorate a large bulletin board in the school to showcase our talents!

The Mercy High School Treblemakers are an auditioned group of 9th-12th graders.  This group performs a dynamic twenty minute show of singing and dancing at about 8 competitions during the second semester.  Auditions are in the spring, and rehearsals begin in the summer.  Stage presence, vocal technique and dance technique are stressed as well as sportsmanship and teamwork.  Limited opportunities are available for girls to work backstage on the show.

The mission of the Mercy High School Speech Team is to give students in all grades the chance to improve their interpretive, public speaking, research, and writing skills while performing in various competitions throughout the year.  The team will encourage individual growth and team unity through an environment that fosters personal creativity, develops collaboration, and rewards hard work.  The events open to compete in are interpretive events including Oral Interpretation of Drama, Duet Acting, Serious Prose, Humorous Prose, and Poetry Interpretation; and original events including Original Oratory, Informative Speaking, and Entertainment Speaking.

Student Ambassadors are the “faces of Mercy High School”.  They attend grade school visits with the Recruitment Director and meet with students, telling them all about their experiences at Mercy. They are also at all of the Recruitment events during the year.  Student Ambassadors are very involved in all different activities at Mercy High School, including athletics, student organizations, theatre, service, academics, campus ministry and many other areas. They are excited to be a part of our school and can’t wait to tell future students why Mercy is the place for them!

Student Council acts as a link between faculty, administration and the student body, communicating ideas for both. They create and actively participate in improving the environmental, educational and social atmosphere of Mercy High School. Also, Student Council works to cooperate with and support other Archdiocesan schools in the city of Omaha.  The Student Council hosts many events throughout the school year including the Welcome Picnic, Freshman Orientation, Spirit Week, Nocturne, Day of Discovery, Mission Week, Pack the House and many other activities.