Thank You Omaha Gives!

May 25, 2017
By Deb Daley

Preliminary results are in, and 194 supporters pledged $32,735 to Mercy. You surpassed last year's tally by $5,885, and your average gift was $169.  Thank you!

Knowing that over 900 nonprofits participated in this charitable challenge, we are extremely grateful that you continue to believe and support the mission of Mercy High School. 

Our Mercy Girls and our entire Mercy community thank you.

Proud Participant of Omaha Gives!

May 22, 2017
By Deb Daley

Mercy High School is proud to be participating in Omaha Gives!, a 24-hour charitable challenge on Wednesday, May 24th from midnight to midnight! We will be joining more than 800 local nonprofits to raise money together and compete for prize money—the more donors we get to give to us, the more likely we are to win prizes.

Schedule a gift! You can schedule your gift now and through May 24.

Donate to Mercy High School on May 24!

Spread the word! Tell your friends that you will be giving to Mercy High School during Omaha Gives! on May 24 and that you need their help. Don’t forget to use #OmahaGives.

Cheer us on! On May 24, watch the leaderboard on and stay up-to-date on our progress via social media

MAKE US PROUD! Show your Mercy pride to others.

Senior Honors & Awards

May 17, 2017
By Mary Coyle




Outstanding Student Award: Lynden Hoge

Award Outstanding Effort: Madeline Daley

Omaha World-Herald Key Staffer: Kaylie Daniels

Foreign Language

Outstanding Student Award: Sarah Blaylock         

Outstanding Effort Award: Lynden Hoge


Outstanding Student Award: Rachel Pugh        

Outstanding Effort Award: Grace Wagner

Physical Education

Outstanding Student Award:  Anna Wilson     

Outstanding Effort Award:  Madison Swanson


Outstanding Student Award: Megan Micek  

Outstanding Effort Award: Grace Wagner

Social Studies

Outstanding Student Award: Rachel Pugh        

Outstanding Effort Award:  Grace Heinert


Outstanding Student Award: Madison Richter-Egger       

Outstanding Effort Award: Naomi Dang

Campus Ministry

Pastoral Council: Lynden Hoge, Rachel Pugh, Madison Richter-Egger

Operation Others: Heather Helms

Service Hour Recognition for 2016-2017 Over 150 Service Hours: Heather Helms (160), Rachel Dethlefs (188.5), Ava Blessie (192.5), Erin Jones (194)

Catherine McAuley Award for Extraordinary Service: Erin Jones

Sr. Jeanne O’Rourke Award: Rachel Dethlefs

Spirit of Mercy Award: Lynden Hoge

National Honor Society

Lily Bayer, Sarah Blaylock, Ava Blessie, Isabelle Brown (President), Madeline Daley (Treasurer), Rachel Dethlefs, Erin Goltl, Alexis Hansman, Samantha Harvat, Grace Heinert (Vice-President), Selena Hemsley, Lynden Hoge, Claire Johnson, Erin Jones, Clare Kendall, Natalia Kruszczak, Nina Kudirka (Secretary), Megan Micek, Katherine Moragues, Grace Novak, Julia Pechar, Rachel Pugh, Madison Richter-Egger, Christina Rossell, Madison Schaefer, Sydney Stolze, Madison Swanson, Patience Swiney, Alyssa Turnquist, Grace Wagner, Meghan Wolbach

Student Council

Senior Representatives: Erin Goltl, Sam Harvat, Lynden Hoge, Julia Pechar (President), Meghan Wolbach

Outstanding Senior Representative:  Julia Pechar (President)

Assistant Principal’s Presentations

Good Samaritan Award: Madilyn Brekel, Destiny Wheeler

2016-2017 Perfect Attendance: Lily Bayer (3 years), Shea Childs (2 years), Preethi D’souza (3 years), Sarah Nebel (2 years), Lauren Traggiai (2 years)

Principal’s Presentation

Senior Class Officers: Grace Wagner (President), Maria Cihacek (Vice-President), Kaylie Daniels (Secretary), Madison Richter-Egger (Treasurer)

Academic Letters—First Honors all four quarters

Four Years: Lily Bayer, Ava Blessie, Nicole Erlbacher, Erin Goltl, Grace Heinert, Selena Hemsley, Lynden Hoge, Erin Jones, Claire Johnson, Clare Kendall, Natalia Kruszczak, Katherine Moragues, Grace Novak, Rachel Pugh, Madison Richter-Egger, Madison Swanson, Lauren Traggiai, Alyssa Turnquist, Grace Wagner

Three Years: Sarah Blaylock, Madeline Daley, Rachel Dethlefs, Alexis Hansman, Samantha Harvat, Nina Kudirka, Megan Micek, Julia Pechar, Christina Rossell

Two Years: Isabelle Brown

One Year: Madilyn Brekel, Kaylie Daniels, Madison Schaefer, Lauren Theiler

Presidential Education Award for Academic Excellence:

3.5+ GPA & ACT 24+

Lily Bayer, Natalia Kruszczak, Sarah Blaylock, Megan Micek, Ava Blessie, Katherine Moragues, Isabelle Brown, Grace Novak, Madeline Daley, Julia Pechar, Rachel Dethlefs Jennifer Pugh,Nicole Erlbacher, Rachel Pugh, Samantha Harvat, Madison Richter-Egger,Grace Heinert, Madison Schaefer, Selena Hemsley,Sydney Stolze, Lynden Hoge Alyssa Turnquist, Claire Johnson, Grace Wagner, Erin Jones, Meghan Wolbach, Clare Kendall

Omaha World-Herald All-Academic Team: Isabelle Brown, Rachel Dethlefs, Selena Dobles-Kunkel, Lynden Hoge, Megan Micek, Grace Novak





VALEDICTORIAN: Rachel Dethlefs

OUTSTANDING SENIORS: Lynden Hoge and Julia Pechar

Athletes Honored

May 16, 2017
By Deb Daley

Mercy held its annual athletic banquet on May 15. Athletes were recognized in all sports, awards given, and each coach named a Most Valuable Player (MVP) and a Most Improved Player (MIP) on their team.

Top awards included:

The Sister Edith Award, the top athletic award, was presented to Natalie Kruszczak. The recognition honors the athlete that best portrays qualities most important in athletics like sportsmanship, spirit, enthusiasm and concern for teammates while using athletic skills to the best of her ability. Natalie was a member of the volleyball, basketball and track teams. According to one nominator she was the “player that coaches could always turn to if the team needed someone to pick them up—always putting the needs of the team before her own.”

The Scholar Athlete was Grace Novak.

Students recognized for playing sports for all 12 seasons during their years at Mercy were Natalie Kruszczak and Lauren Theiler.

Students playing 11 seasons were Madison Schaefer and Maureen Voller.

Awards for 9th,10th & 11th

May 15, 2017
By Mary Coyle

Mercy students from the freshmen, sophomore and junior classes received honors at a special Awards Assembly on May 15.

Honors ranged from Mercy Girls receiving scholarships from benefactors, to academic awards, service recognition and more.

See the complete list of honors below.

Special Presentations:

Woodmen of the World Representative

Keller Family Representative

Phillip S. and Louise Battaglia Franco Service Award Representative


Outstanding English Award, Freshman: Madeline Riesberg

Outstanding Effort,Freshman: Stephanie Aleman-Maldonado

Outstanding English Award, Sophomore: Emily Erlbacher

Outstanding Effort,Sophomore: Anne Laferla

Outstanding English Award, Junior: Annika Muse

Outstanding Effort, Junior: Casey Moyer

Speech Team Letters

Addie Costello – 1 Year

M.E. Adams – 1 Year Casey Moyer – 2 Years

NSAA Academic All-State Award for Speech

Addie Costello

Casey Moyer

Fine Arts

Outstanding Fine Art Award: Level 1 (beginning) Maureen Goetz for excellence in dance

Outstanding Fine Art Award: Level 2 (intermediate): Ruby Kraft for excellence in art and theatre

Outstanding Fine Art Award: Level 3 (advanced): Faith Santiago for excellence in music and theatre

International Language

Outstanding International Language Award, Freshman: Claire Schweikert

Outstanding Effort, Freshman: Cate Huse

Outstanding International Language Award, Sophomore: Alexia Rains

Outstanding Effort, Sophomore: Catherine Tangeman

Outstanding International Language Award, Junior: Gabriela Caito

Outstanding Effort, Junior: Anne Jandrain


Outstanding Math Award, Freshman: Abbey Wilson

Outstanding Effort, Freshman: Aaliyah Flores-Pliego

Outstanding Math Award, Sophomore: Emma Weis

Outstanding Effort, Sophomore: Ashel Mathok

Outstanding Math Award, Junior: Hannah Fenton

Outstanding Effort, Junior: Molly Bartek-Miller

Physical Education

Outstanding Physical Education Award, Freshman: Abbey Wilson Freshman:

Outstanding Effort, Caitlyn Thomas

Outstanding Physical Education Award, Sophomore: Catherine Tangeman

Outstanding Effort, Sophomore: Shacty Alvarez-Hurtado

Outstanding Physical Education Award, Junior: Maddie Baker

Outstanding Effort, Junior: Sydney Shaw


Outstanding Science Award, Freshman: Anna Sommers

Outstanding Effort, Freshman: Gianna Jergovic

Outstanding Science Award, Sophomore: Kate Tietjen

Outstanding Effort, Sophomore: Anne Laferla

Outstanding Science Award, Junior: Laura Salerno

Outstanding Effort, Junior: Zania Zhang

American Chemical Society Award:

Chemistry: Kate Tietjen

AP Chemistry: Annika Muse

Social Studies

Outstanding Social Studies Award, Freshman: Sadie Weiner

Outstanding Effort,Freshman: Olivia Behrens

Outstanding Social Studies Award, Sophomore: Elyse Schweikert

Outstanding Effort, Sophomore: Janice Kelly

Outstanding Social Studies Award, Junior: Laura Salerno

Outstanding Effort, Junior: Catherine Poteat

Woodman of the World Award for Excellence in US History: Laura Salerno


Outstanding Theology Award, Freshman: Anna Dorr

Outstanding Effort, Freshman: Sophia Emmer

Outstanding Theology Award. Sophomore: Kate Tietjen

Outstanding Effort, Sophomore: Addie Costello

Outstanding Theology Award, Junior: Casey Moyer

Outstanding Effort, Junior: Zania Zhang

Campus Ministry

Hour Recognition - 150 Hours or More

Madeline Elsasser (186), Anne Jandrain (193.5), Blair Mitteis (200), Emma Weis (234), Annika Muse (249), Emily Rosenthal (253)

Catherine McAuley Award for Extraordinary Service (Most Service Hours this Year)

Freshman: Soley Joe Sophomore: Emma Weis Junior: Emily Rosenthal

Student Leadership Positions in Campus Ministry Groups Pastoral Council: Shacty Alvarez-Hurtado Operation Others: Madeline Elsasser, Anne Jandrain

National Honor Society

Sarah Austin, Maddie Baker, Ava Blankman, Gabriela Caito, Emily Coleman, Hannah Fenton, Annabella Glatte, Abigail Guinan, Natalie Harsh, Tess Hart, Audrey Huse, Anne Jandrain, Abigail Jones, Sara Kmiecik, Lillian Kraft, Bayle Lopez-Reuter, Kelsey Lytle, Lydia Molczyk, Casey Moyer, Margaret Moyer, Annika Muse, Lauren Ramaekers, Emily Rosenthal, Laura Salerno, Bridget Schroll, Claire Wulff-Morgan, Katherine Wurtz

Student Council

Student Council Representatives 2016-2017

Junior Representatives: Madeline Elsasser, Hannah Fenton, Natalie Harsh, Claire Wulff-Morgan, Annika Muse

Sophomore Representatives: Emily Erlbacher, Jordan Fett, Mayela Hernandez, Alexia Rains, Kate Tietjen

Freshman Representatives: Sabrina DeGeorge, Rachel Grigsby, Sophie Harvat, Caitlyn Thomas, Sadie Weiner

Outstanding Student Council Representatives:

Junior: Hannah Fenton

Sophomore: Kate Tietjen

Freshman: Caitlyn Thomas

Assistant Principal’s Presentation

Good Samaritan Award

Freshmen: Juliana Cooper, Gina Troia

Sophomores: Emily Erlbacher, Macey McGargill, Mary Winkelmann

Juniors: Jeana Abboud, Annabella Glatte, Molly Bartek-Miller

2016-2017 Perfect Attendance

Freshmen: Alexcia Alcantar, Stephanie Aleman-Maldonado, Rachel Grigsby, Cate Huse, Mary Krause, Zoie Malesker, Sierra Mann, Ajok Mareng, Madeline Riesberg, Seowon Yang

Sophomores: Emma Nebel (2 years), Uyen Nguyen (2 years), Lia Rose Reckmeyer (2 years), Elyse Schweikert, Catherine Tangeman

Juniors: Cecilia Coniglio (2 years), Annabella Glatte, Audrey Huse (3 years)

Principal’s Presentations

Academic Letter Awards—First Honors All Four Quarters

Students will receive a certificate for 1 year, a chenille “M” for 2 years, and a bar pin for 3 years to attach to the chenille letter.


One Year: Stephanie Aleman-Maldonado, Catherynn Barnhart, Anna Buck, Anna Bushman, Sabori Cervantes, Juliana Cooper, Miqaela Davis, Anna Dorr, Erin Epp, Katherine Geist, Kayleen Gruhn, Anna Ham, Meg Harmon, Sophie Harvat, Cate Huse, Gianna Jergovic, Becca Kudirka, Grace Landolt, Zoie Malesker, Jade Martinez, Madison Moffitt, Carina Muse, Abigail O’Connor, Anna-Marie O’Donnell, Alex Reed, Taylor Reger, Madeline Riesberg, Madeline Rozmajzl, Claire Schweikert, Rhys Slavik, Anna Sommers, Gian Troia, Sadie Weiner, Sophie Williams, Seowon Yang, Gabrielle Zuerlein


Two Years: Jenna Bies, Addie Costello, Emily Erlbacher, Jordan Fett, Claire Fink, Kiley Hoge, Susan Huggins, Anna Janda, Ruby Kraft, Anne Laferla, Emma Nebel, Megan Oswald, Audra Pflug, Alexia Rains, Riley Reeder, Maggie Reinard, Therese Ruff, Elyse Schweikert, Hanna Stec, Catherine Tangeman, Kate Tietjen, Allison Vana, Emma Weis

One Year: Emilee Baker, Haley Gann, Maureen Goetz, Mayela Hernandez, Susan Huggins, Uyen Nguyen


Three Years: Sarah Austin, Maddie Baker, Ava Blankman, Gabriela Caito, Emily Coleman, Jessica DeGeorge, Hannah Fenton, Annabella Glatte, Abigail Guinan, Natalie Harsh, Tess Hart, Emily Herout, Audrey Huse, Anna Jandrain, Abigail Jones, Sara Kmiecik, Lillian Kraft, Margaret Moyer, Annika Muse, Emily Rosenthal, Laura Salerno, Bridget Schroll, Katherine Wurtz

Two Years: Casey Moyer, Lauren Ramaekers, Elizabeth Ronayne, Bianca Santiago

One Year: Madeline Elsasser, Kaitlyn Slingwine







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