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Mercy Gave Her Sisters

October 11, 2017
By Deb Daley

Mercy gave her the sisters she never had and also an extended family. Although Sireya’ Belton ‘ 09 is not Catholic she attended Holy Name. She wanted to go to an all-girls school but her mom was worried about the expense. The family learned about Mercy’s tuition assistance and after Sireya went on a shadow visit she realized Mercy was where she belonged.

“I was never Catholic but having the foundation in all that we did through Christ was important to my family and I,” she said.

While at Mercy she was involved in Student Council for four years as well as cheerleading for two years.

“ Since my mom is a single parent she was busy working two jobs during my time at Mercy. I can’t tell you how many parents took me home, or allowed me to come home with them after school fed me dinner and gave me a ride to a basketball or a volleyball game. Mercy gave me the family my heart desired,” she added.

She still grabs lunch with Mrs. Kessler and the people she calls her closet friends are people that met from Mercy.

“That bond and sisterhood will never end,” she said.

Following graduation she went to UNO, then UNL and finally graduated from UNO in May 2014 with a degree in Political Science with an emphasis in non-profit management. After college she got a job as a home base teacher for Headstart.

During that time, she felt a calling to the school of ministry at her church. She studied for several when in March of 2017 she became the official youth pastor.

“ I am very grateful to Mercy. At Mercy I was encouraged to be a proud Christian and the teachers and staff were examples of what it looks like to be a lover of Christ,” she added.

She is a believer of Mercy and the power of its community.